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Thealoz Duo

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Thealoz Duo contains a solution that can be applied to the eyes or contact lenses.

Thealoz Duo is recommended in cases of discomfort, stinging and eye irritation.

These symptoms can be caused, for example, by external factors such as wind, smoke, pollution, dust, exposure to the sun or cold, dry heat, air conditioning, air travel, several hours working at the computer ...

Since it contains no preservatives, Thealoz Duo maintains the integrity of ocular tissues, so it can also be used by contact lens wearers of any type.

Provides immediate comfort that lasts throughout the day.

Wash hands thoroughly before using. Avoid touching the end of the bottle with your eyes or eyelids, especially if you have an eye infection. Instill a drop into the lower conjunctival sac, looking up and slightly pulling the eyelid down. Replace the cap after use. DOSAGE: 1 drop in each eye, 4 to 6 times a day. Thealoz Duo can be used with contact lenses in place.

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