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Excilor Fungal Solution Nails Bottle - 1un 3.3ml (w / Brush)

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Dermatophyte fungi, once installed under the nail, feed on the keratin that forms the structure of the nail.

Without any kind of treatment, the pathology degenerates and the nail gradually changes its appearance: white spots appear, the nail turns yellow, brittle and thickens.

Excilor®, treatment for ringworm of the nails crosses the nail and controls the microenvironment of the nail. Excilor® quickly lowers the pH of the nail, transforming it into an environment unfavorable to the proliferation of fungi. The first results are visible as soon as the healthy nail begins to grow:

It is, therefore, important to start treatment as soon as the first symptoms appear and while the pathology is not aggravated. In this way, the treatment will be shorter and the nail will regain its usual appearance.

- Greater penetration

- 1 minute a day

- No need to file your nail

- Visible results with nail growth

Advice: cut the nail with a nail clipper as the nail grows.

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