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Fitostill Plus Eye Drops

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Fitostill Plus eye drops, in practical sterilized single-dose ampoules, are a specific adjuvant for the prevention and treatment of red and tired eyes. Thanks to the formation of a protective film, it maintains the necessary hydration and allows the restoration of the natural lubricating function of the "tear film" of the eyes.
Fitostill Plus components characterize the product in its main activities:

protective and lubricating, thanks to the presence of sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, which prevents and improves the discomfort associated with dry eye syndrome; protective and moisturizing, thanks to the polysaccharide components present in Liguflos and in distilled Chamomile water; humidifying , thanks to vegetable glycerin.

The synergistic action of Fitostill Plus components has a soothing effect on irritated eyes and can be used both to relieve disorders and to prevent them.

Seguir as instruções presentes na embalagem para a abertura da ampola. É aconselhável aplicar 2-3 gotas em cada olho, pressionando ligeiramente a ampola. A ampola em dose única pode, depois de aberta, voltar a ser fechada e usada no prazo de 12 horas.

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