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Bioderma ABCDerm Change Intensif Duo Pasta 2 x 75 g

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Change intensif: Diaper erythema repair cream

ABCDerm Change Intensif was specifically formulated according to the ABCDerm Dermatological Commitment. It was developed to prevent and repair diaper erythema, with:

- D-panthenol, with soothing properties, reinforces the skin barrier by accelerating epidermal repair.

- Zinc oxide that protects the epidermis and soothes irritation thanks to its purifying properties.

- its galenic in the form of "water paste" contains powdered absorbent minerals that form a protective barrier, isolating the epidermis, but allowing the skin to breathe at the same time. Glycerin prevents the drying effect of powders, making it easier to spread the cream on the baby's irritated skin.

  • Calms redness
  • Repairs the skin barrier
  • Protects and isolates the skin, allowing it to breathe

Easy to spread - Non-sticky - Excellent skin tolerance - Fragrance free

Apply several times a day, daily. STEP 1 - Apply a thin layer to each diaper change on clean skin with an ABCDerm and dry hygiene product. It can be applied to newborns, except premature infants. Apply to healthy skin. If redness persists, consult a healthcare professional. For hygiene reasons, we recommend that you close the product tightly after use.

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