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Bioderma Nodé A Champô 400ml

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Nodé A soothes irritation, soothes the itchy, irritated and sensitive scalp, respecting its natural balance. The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action of D-Panthenol provides immediate relief.

Nodé A gently cleans hair and scalp due to its detergent-free makeup base.

Formulated with anti-static agents, Nodé A Shampoo makes hair soft and shiny, making combing easier.

Frequent use.

ETAPA 1 - Fazer espuma, massajando suavemente o couro cabeludo. ETAPA 2 - Enxaguar e repetir a aplicação. ETAPA 3 - Deixar atuar durante 1 minuto. ETAPA 4 - Enxaguar abundantemente.

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