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Golamir 2act Spray without Alcohol 30ml

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Golamir 2Act alcohol-free spray is indicated in cases of sore throat for the treatment of irritating and inflammatory states of the oropharyngeal cavity, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergens or by contact with external irritating agents (smoke, air pollution , dust). The product is also indicated in constipation states where nasal secretions, descending into the throat, can cause irritation.
Golamir 2Act alcohol-free spray, by its mechanism of action, can also be used in combination with the pharmacological treatments prescribed by the doctor .

How it works
Golamir 2Act, thanks to the ActiFilm DOL plant molecular complex, acts against pain, burning and sensitivity to swallowing, protecting the mucosa from the factors that cause irritation. ActiFilm DOL, composed of tannins, resins, polysaccharides and flavonoids, forms a film with a barrier effect, with double action:

protects the mucosal surface; normalizes the mucosa.

Golamir 2Act spray without alcohol is gluten free and has a pleasant taste of Frutos do Bosque e Amora.

Recommended dosage

It is recommended to administer in the oropharyngeal cavity:

4 nebulizations up to 4 times a day in children (from 1 to 6 years old); 4 nebulizations up to 8 times a day in adults and children (older than 6 years).

In younger children, the product can be introduced into the inner side of the cheeks, in order to favor their gradual ingestion. Shake the bottle before use. The package contains a sprayer in a sealed sachet. Before use, remove the aluminum protection from the bottle and insert the sprayer.

Recomenda-se administrar na cavidade orofaríngea: 4 nebulizações até 4 vezes por dia em crianças (de 1 a 6 anos); 4 nebulizações até 8 vezes por dia em adultos e crianças (com mais de 6 anos). Nas crianças mais pequenas, o produto pode ser introduzido no lado interno das bochechas, de modo a favorecer a sua ingestão gradual. Agitar o frasco antes de usar. A embalagem contém um pulverizador numa saqueta selada. Antes de utilizar, retire a proteção de alumínio do frasco e insira o pulverizador.

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