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Pierre Fabre

Elgydium Kids Escova de Dentes Suave 2- 6 anos

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The Elgydium Kids 2-6 year old toothbrush features a small head designed especially for children's small mouths. Its smooth rounded bristles have been developed to ensure smooth brushing of teeth and gums. The bristles have a concave cut to adapt to the rounded surface of the baby teeth. The colored bristles teach the child how to use the correct toothpaste.

How to use

Use in daily brushing, after each meal, ideally with an ELGYDIUM Kids 500 ppm toothpaste gel, available in 3 flavors: banana, strawberry freshness or wild fruits.

Utilizar na escovagem diária, após cada refeição, idealmente com um gel dentífrico Elgydium Kids 500 ppm, disponível em 3 sabores: banana, frescura morango ou frutos silvestres.

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