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  • Is alcoholism a disease?

Yes. It is a chronic, incurable and killing disease. The only way to control this disease is to avoid drinking alcohol. Death can occur when alcohol causes serious problems in the liver (cirrhosis), heart (infarction), pancreas (pacreatitis), brain (mental disorders), etc; or when it is related to accidents, traumas, homicides, suicides ...

  • What is alcohol dependence?

It is a condition in which alcohol (alcoholic beverages) becomes part of the person's life. As a result, he gradually abandons family, social and work commitments; causes conflicts with close family members; generates financial indebtedness; and isolate yourself from people. The center of your life is in alcoholic beverages and drinking.

  • Is there a treatment for alcoholism?

Yes, there is. First of all, you need the alcoholic's adhesion, that is, the awareness that alcohol is damaging your life and recognizing your illness. The treatment comprises the approach by a multidisciplinary team of professionals experienced in the subject, such as doctors, psychologists and pharmacists.

  • What role does the alcoholic play?

It is the most important and also the most difficult part of trying to control the disease: recognizing that you are sick and wanting treatment. The most serious problem in addressing alcoholism is the denial of drinking, making treatment unviable.

  • Is it possible to control alcoholism?

Knowing the first signs of an evolving alcoholism, you can take the necessary steps to treat the disease before it gets worse. It is necessary for the subject to know the reality of the organic and social disorders he suffers from in order to be convinced of his illness and sent for treatment in an appropriate place.

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