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Pierre Fabre

Elgydium Junior Bubble Gel Dentífrico 50ml

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Elgydium Junior Bubble is a toothpaste gel with 1000 ppm of fluoride ion, preferably recommended for the prevention of dental caries in mixed dentition. Its Bubble Gum aroma (chewing gum) is widely appreciated by children!

How to use

Use in daily brushing, after each meal, in an amount the size of a pea. Use a soft brush adapted to the age 7-12 years: ELGYDIUM Junior. If you are taking fluoride from other sources, consult your dentist or attending physician.

Utilizar na escovagem diária, após cada refeição, numa quantidade do tamanho de uma ervilha. Utilizar uma escova suave e adaptada à idade 7-12 anos: Elgydium Junior. Se estiver a tomar flúor proveniente de outras fontes consulte o médico dentista ou médico assistente.

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