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Tricovel Physiogenina Fortifying Shampoo 200ml

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How to revitalize weakened hair? Thanks to the innovative formula of the Physicogenin-fortifying Tricovel® shampoo.

With a revitalizing and fortifying shampoo Tricovel® with Physiogenina, the hair is beautiful, strong and visibly healthy.

Tricovel Physiogenina Shampoo Fortifying is indicated for weak and brittle hair with a tendency to fall. Thanks to Physiogenina, an innovative complex, the Tricovel shampoo promotes hair follicle stimulation and helps to counter hair loss, prolonging the capillary life cycle of each hair.

The Tricovel® Physiogenina fortifying formula is enriched with specific ingredients that act on the hair fiber:

Wheat protein has a repairing effect and, at the same time, gives shine and makes hair softer. And provitamin B5 has an antioxidant, protective and moisturizing effect on the hair fiber, to make hair healthy.

Apply the product when the hair is wet, massage gently, let it act for a few minutes and then rinse well.

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