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Sedivitax Herbal Tea 20 sachets

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Sedivitax Herbal Tea 20 sachets

Sedivitax tisane can be a valuable aid to develop a relaxing and relaxing physiological action, and can be a useful support to reconcile night rest. In addition to being formulated with plants such as Passiflora, Camomile and Lemongrass, all from the organic agriculture Aboca, the herbal tea is enriched with Passiflò2 - LMF, a lyophilized multifractionated extract, with a high content of flavonoids, which favors the relaxing action. Sedivitax tisana also has a pleasant flavor, and is also recommended for children and the elderly.

It is recommended to have a cup of tea at night, at bedtime, to encourage restful sleep and, if necessary, during the day, to help you relax.

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