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Sedivitax 30 Cápsulas

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Sedivitax capsules is a formula designed to promote sleep and improve sleep quality. The product is also indicated during the day to relieve tension and promote relaxation.
This double action is important because a physiological sleep is obtained when the body is able to maintain a balanced state of tranquility during the day, so that at night is already predisposed to rest at night.
In fact, there are many factors linked to daily activities that contribute to creating a condition of stress and that lead the body to a state of increased vigilance that, at night, can interfere with the normal onset and maintenance of sleep.
The action of Sedivitax capsules is due to the synergistic association of lyophilized extracts of Valerian, Lemongrass and California Poppy and, in particular, to the complex patented Passiflò2-LMF, obtained by combining two extractive fractions with a high content of flavonoids, which enhance the typical properties of Passiflora, which favor relaxation and sleep.

It is recommended to take 2 or 3 capsules at night to facilitate sleep and improve its quality; if necessary, 1 capsule in the morning to relieve daily tensions and promote relaxation. It is recommended to start the administration of the product, starting with the minimum doses and increasing them if necessary, since the action of the product may vary depending on the sensitivity of each person.

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