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Papillon Styling Wax Cera 75g

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Hair wax with strong hold, with little shine.

Styling Wax is a non-greasy wax, which gives texture and some shine to the hair, creates natural or bold looks and hairstyles for your hair.

Provides a strong and flexible fixation. Works well on short or medium hair.

A chemical-free wax with natural resins from Panama trees.

Application: To obtain the best results, spread a small amount of wax in your hand and apply to the hair, distribute it evenly on the hair, wet or dry, and comb it in the desired style.

Para obter os melhores resultados, espalhe na mão uma pequena quantidade de cera e aplique no cabelo, distribua uniformemente no cabelo, húmido ou seco, e pentear no estilo desejado.

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