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Cellulase Gold Pearls 40 Capsules Discount of 20 €

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Cellulase Pearls is the recommended option for 90% of cases, that is, for an "orange peel" skin with small nodules, with a pitted appearance and visible when tightened. < / p>

The orange peel skin is formed by modifying the subcutaneous tissue which, due to the retention of fluids and toxins, favors the appearance of adipose nodules. This can be all the more visible the greater the degree of intensity of the phenomenon.

Thanks to its formula of natural origin, Cellulase Pearls acts directly in solving the problem. Cellulase Pearls presents visible and proven results by Portuguese women.

The action of Cellulase Pearls is based on the properties of its ingredients:
- Contains Gingko Biloba and Centella asiatica, which contribute to improvements in the microcirculation
- Contains Gilbardeira , which has a venotropic effect and contributes to the reduction of leg swelling and edema
- It also has Vitamin B6 in its composition, which contributes to a normal energy metabolism.

Take two capsules a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for 8 to 12 weeks. Pearls cellulase can be prolonged or repeated throughout the year.

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